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Alzheimer's Disease is Multifactorial

Alzheimer's Disease is Multifactorial

Over the past 25 years, it has been determined that Alzheimer's disease is made up of many factors. The disease includes: inflammation, glucose processing problems, oxidative stress or free radical damage, aberrant neuronal cell cycling or cell death, beta-amyloid plaque buildup, and phosphorylated tau protein creating tangles in the axon of the neuron.
It is the complexity of these factors which makes pharmaceutical intervention so difficult, and may never become a type of therapy that can help.
Brain Love Health’s approach is to address these disease factors early at the point they begin. This is many years before symptoms manifest, and coincide with hormonal changes occurring at menopause and andropause. 
As this midlife reproductive hormonal process begins to decline, it triggers metabolic changes which contribute to aging issues in general but specifically create the perfect storm for cognitive decline. 
Midlife is the ideal time frame to initiate diet and lifestyle changes for best brain protection, but these protective interventions can occur at any point up until executive function is severely compromised.
Therefore it would assume somewhere near 45-55 years of age is the beginning target to consider prevention and continue for the remainder of life.
The good news is, Alzheimer's disease can be prevented and with the right approach and system in place, you can reduce the risk by specifically understanding your own genetic, lifestyle, and nutritional factors. And significantly modify and change the trajectory of your brain's longevity and health. 
If you are ready to learn how we can help you optimize the health of your brain, schedule a free 15 min. consultation with us:
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