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Hormones, Dementia and Women

Hormones, Dementia and Women

Brain Love Health would like to describe a new approach that questions the hormonal changes women face in menopause and its link to Alzheimer's disease. 

Every woman experiences their reproductive cycle beginning to function in their early teen years, and repeating itself over and over for about thirty to forty years. This cycle is driven by a hormonal feedback loop known as the HPG Axis; including the hypothalamus-pituitary gland, and the gonadal gland. They operate on these individual endocrine glands as if they were a single unit and inter-connected. The HPG Axis operates as a means to prepare the woman's body for ovulation and is a process that is common in all species.

Upon menopause, this process becomes disrupted, and in an attempt to maintain reproductive viability, the HPG Axis becomes dysregulated. 

At the point where the ovaries are no longer able to produce enough estrogen, another hormone, called luteinizing hormone (LH) begins to rise and continues to rise as the ovaries produce less and less estrogen with the sole purpose of ensuring ovulation and reproduction.

For years science has focused on the effects of decreased estrogen on women’s health. The profound effects on weight changes, skin, hair, bones, and cognition. It always focuses on the estrogen component of the HPG Axis.

Scientific studies have identified with very little attention that it may be the increases in luteinizing hormone and not only estrogen that is also causing many of the problems women face, including dementia.  Research data is indicating LH is a leading factor in women’s age-related issues.

Brain Love Health focuses on this process in our work, and we will continue to educate women on ways to balance this dysregulated endocrine process and its effects in a natural nutritionally-lifestyle-based approach.

We have created our brain health and dementia prevention program to help optimize women's brain health early and provide protection from deterioration. 

Book an appointment with us today, and being your journey towards a healthy brain long-term. 

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