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Welcome, we are Patrick and Ana, the founders of Brain Love Health. Our purpose and mission is to provide researched nutritional support advice and products for women perimenopausal and beyond in order to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in their sixties, seventies, and eighties.

Although our Company is young, our story begins 20 years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina and San Jose, Costa Rica. Patrick was researching Alzheimer’s disease and attempting to develop a pharmaceutical approved drug to slow the progression of this devastating disease, and Ana was immersed in studies related to health and using nutrition as medicine.

Although Patrick’s attempts at a pharmaceutical solution were unsuccessful, it was determined that the underlying causes of the disease were multifactorial and also related to hormonal changes experienced as we age. Additionally it was concluded that currently there is no single magic drug that will ever solve the problem, and the wasted time, effort, and corporate profit motive will not change that fact. In the meantime, people around the world suffer and the cost to society is enormous as we are sure we have all experienced a friend or loved one suffering from dementia.

Fast forward to 2021, the problem just grows and the pharmaceutical pipeline is filled with failure after failure and false hope for families and the victims of dementia. However, Brain Love Health has an entirely new concept that we have developed over many years, and this approach has tremendous potential.

As described earlier, dementia is multifaceted and needs to be addressed at the point where the problems begin. For women, that point is hormonal imbalances happening through menopause. The changes related to hormonal shifts beginning at perimenopause and menopause starts a process that leads to oxidative stress, glycemic index dysregulation, inflammation and more. These hormonal changes relate to issues like dementia, osteoporosis, weight gain, and skin elasticity. Women know the changes, and for years the hormonal issues have been ignored by mainstream medicine.

Brain Love Health is addressing these hormonal changes through nutritional approaches backed by hundreds of researched peer reviewed studies in humans around the world. Our advice and product formulations are designed to balance these dysregulated hormonal processes and provide the proper metabolic support on a daily basis. We do not believe waiting until the process becomes a problem or when the symptoms become the main target for medicine. Our approach provides preventative support to nourish the brain before the problem of dementia occurs, and we dedicate ourselves to helping in a way that makes a difference for this unmet scourge. Please review our scientific data and ingredient purpose. We believe you will understand why Brain Love Health was born. We invite you to join our purpose and help us spread the Brain Love.

We are here to serve you!
Patrick Smith and Ana Tucker



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