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The Epigenetic Test

Learn what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids are deficient in your body and can be affecting your health, plus the specific foods that are causing you sensitivities.

Understand the impact of toxicity, environmental challenges, and electromagnetic fields on your body and how to support your systems.

The test is done in the comfort of your home by mailing in strands of hair to the lab. You will receive a full 30+ page report with complete nutritional and environmental markers, plus a consultation with a Brain Love Health practitioner to help you put steps into place to optimize your brain and body.

Currently only available in the USA and Mexico.

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9-Week Alzheimer's & Dementia Prevention Program

Optimize the health of your brain with this 1:1 personalized brain health and dementia prevention program.

Meet with your Brain Love Health practitioner once a week for an hour, for the duration of nine weeks.

Dive deep into your own personal risk factors, the most common risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and other related dementias, and take the necessary tools to help optimize the brain today and protect it long term.

This program also includes personalized epigenetic testing.

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Single appointment

Learn about your personal risk factors, those factors that may be triggering dysfunction in your brain right now.

We can evaluate your health history and also provide a "mini-mental test" to assess how well your cognition is working.

Schedule your consultation today.
Dementia prevention begins today, not when the symptoms start.

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