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Ana Tucker

Ana Tucker, Vice President and Co-founder


Ana Tucker has dedicated over 20 years studying and applying functional and integrative nutritional approaches to health. A native of Costa Rica, Ana spent her childhood and early life living very close to one of the world’s famed Blue Zones, and absorbing the healthy lifestyle and nutritional secrets which make these special places unique.

Ana received her formal education and training studying functional nutrition, integrative health coaching, exercise and fitness training at the university level in both Costa Rica and the United States. She has utilized this knowledge to bring significant health and lifestyle changes to a long list of clients during her career. Her leadership and heartfelt passion for clean nutritious food, exercise, and embracing nature have inspired many and are infectious.

Ana provides the right combination of understanding to disease prevention embraced by Brain Love Health.  Her first inclination utilizing nutrition as medicine is the basis for product development in our organization. She is devoted to making proper lifestyle choices which support long term brain health, hormonal balancing at menopause, better sleep, and mental sharpness.

Ana is a significant driving force in providing the scientific balance necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes to prevent cognitive decline as we age, and ensuring self love and compassion as the starting point of her life’s work.


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